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Our Research

Our faculty members’ research programs have received funding from federal and state organizations such as the Institute of Education Sciences, National Institute on Drug Abuse and  Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas. It is our mission to advance scientific knowledge, effect real-world change and enhance the quality and length of life in all segments of society. Our department is uniquely positioned to have a measurable impact on the elimination of global disparities in health and education.

Current Grants

Below is a selection of ongoing grants awarded to PHLS research faculty:

  • PI: Virmarie Correa-Fernandez. (2015-2020). Reducing Tobacco-related Health Disparities: A Focus on Mental Health. American Cancer Society. $717,000
  • PI: Dr. Jorge Gonzalez. (2015-2018). Words of Oral Reading and Language Development (WORLD). Institute of Education Sciences. $1,500,000
  • MPI: Dr. Ezemenari Obasi. (2016-2019). A Community Collaborative for Preventing and Treating Obesity in Underserved Communities in Houston. United Health Foundation. $2,000,000
  • PI: Dr. Ezemenari Obasi. (2013-2018). Stress and drug use vulnerability in the African American Community. National Institute of Drug Abuse. $2,525,288
  • PI: Dr. Ezemenari Obasi. (2016-2019). Supporting Early Career and Minority Drug Abuse Research at the APA Convention. National Institute of Drug Abuse. $50,000
  • PI: Dr. Rosie Murillo. (2017-2018). The Role of Built and Social Environment in Latino Health. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. $50,000
  • PI: Dr. Lorraine Reitzel. (2016-2017). Statewide Dissemination of the "Taking Texas Tobacco Free" Workplace Program. Cancer Prevention and Research Institute. $299,981
  • PI: Dr. Lorraine Reitzel. (2017-2020). Taking Texas Tobacco Free: Increasing Tobacco Cessation In Substance Use Treatment Centers via an Evidence-based, Comprehensive Tobacco-free Workplace Program. Cancer Prevention and Research Institute. $1,348,851
  • PI: Dr. Lorraine Reitzel. (2017-2021). U-HAND (University of Houston /MD Anderson) Program to Reduce Cancer Disparities. National Cancer Institute. $1,271,195
  • PI: Dr. Bradley Smith. (2017-2018). Letting Everyone Achieve Dreams (LEAD). Annie E Casey Foundation. $51,132
  • PI: Dr. Nathan G. Smith. (2017-2019). Project PRIDE: Intervention to Reduce HIV risk in Young Sexual Minority Men. National Institute of Drug Abuse. $418,817

Research Opportunities

Ongoing studies you can participate in:

Available research opportunities for post-docs, graduate students, and undergrad students:

Graduate Student Research Support:

  • PHLS Student Travel Fellowship to present research at a professional conference (Effective 9/1/15):
    Travel Application (PDF)

Research Videos

The following is a collection of brief video overviews of some of our most recent research findings. If you would like to learn more about our research, please visit our degree program pages.