Student Life Diversity Statement

Get Involved

The Center for Student Media gives UH students access to opportunities in print, online and broadcast media while providing the UH with engaging community-based media. Home to the University’s fee-funded, student-run media organizations, the CSM supports student success through professional guidance and training, fundraising, business structure and skill development.

The Cougar

The Cougar is published every Wednesday during the fall and spring semesters, twice during the summer and online daily.

Coog Radio

Coog Radio is an online radio station operated and staffed by students from the University of Houston.


CoogTV provides students the unique opportunity to develop television shows, commercials, and special features for the small screen, experiencing the entire process from inception to air.


Get Involved is a web-based program that encourages student success through organizations, programs and events, volunteerism, and leadership.

Welcome to Student Media!

At the Center for Student Media, UH students get hands-on experience in print, online and broadcast media.

At the center, students are engaged in journalism, publishing, promotion, marketing, advertising, media production, graphic design, radio broadcasting and management. The CSM provides students a real-world laboratory to test and hone important skills, from critical thinking, planning and writing, to technical production skills. The CSM supports three major student media organizations: COOG RadioThe Daily Cougar, and CoogTV. It also produces two major student magazines.

If you are interested in joining a student media organization, requesting coverage, planning advertising, get in touch with the Center for Student Media.