Department of Psychology
The University of Houston
126 Heyne Building
Houston, TX 77204-5522
(713) 743-8500

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J. Leigh Leasure, Ph.D.

Leigh Leisure

Associate Professor
Director of Behavioral Neuroscience Lab
Developmental Psychology
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Heyne Building, Room 231D

Research Interests

  • Exercise-driven neuroplasticity
  • Binge alcohol damage
  • Gliovascular complex
  • Hippocampal neurogenesis


  • PSYC 3341: Physiological Psychology
  • PSYC 4354: Brain and Behavior
  • PSYC 6343: Behavioral Psychopharmacology
  • PSYC 6397: Functional Neuroanatomy
  • PSYC 7342: Biological Bases of Behavior


Behavioral Neuroscience Lab

Selected Publications

Hawley DF & Leasure JL (2012) Differential response of hippocampal subregions to stress and learning. PLoS One, 7:e53126

Leasure JL & Nixon K (2010) Exercise neuroprotection in a rat model of binge alcohol consumption. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, 34:404-414.

Leasure J.L. & Jones M. (2008). Forced and voluntary exercise differentially affect brain and behavior. Neuroscience, 156:456-465.

Leasure J.L., Giddabasappa A., Chaney S., Johnson J.E., Pothakos K., Lau Y-S. & Fox D.A. (2008). Low-level human equivalent gestational lead exposure produces sex-specific motor and coordination abnormalities and late-onset obesity in year-old mice. Environmental Health Perspectives, 116:355-361.