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BOUNCE Making the News.

HHP's BOUNCE program was recently featured in a Houston Chronicle article on obesity in children and the need for kids to keep in shape during the summer.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

This summer, are your children playing in the pool or watching reruns of Hannah Montana? The answer matters, according to Dr. Norma Olvera, a professor at the University of Houston and the executive director of BOUNCE Lite, a healthy lifestyle program that targets preadolescent Hispanic and African-American girls and their families.

"In the summer we see an increase of overweight children, especially in minorities, because children do not do anything — they sit around watching TV and eating a lot," Olvera said.

Read the entire article on the Chronicle website

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The mission of the BOUNCE program is to empower Hispanic and African American preadolescent girls between the ages of 9-14 and their parents, through collaborative efforts between academia and community, to adopt a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy food choices, daily exercise, and positive self-esteem while forming lasting friendships in a fun and exciting environment.

Visit the BOUNCE web site