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HHP Alumnus Dr. Andrew Abercromby Featured in The New York Times.

HHP Alumnus Dr. Andrew Abercromby was featured in The New York Times in an article about the upcoming NEEMO-14 (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) mission.

Dr. Abercromby who is deputy project manager for the lunar electric rover is a crew member in this mission and will work in the Aquarius habitat, which is 60 ft underwater about 4 miles offshore from Key Largo, Florida.

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An Aquanaut conducts underwater experiments on a NEEMO Mission (Img courtesy: NYT)

Dr. Abercromby is a 2006 graduate of the Ph.D. program in Kinesiology and has been honored as a HHP Distinguished Alumnus in 2007.

Read more about Dr. Abercromby and the NEEMO mission in a previous article.

Link to NYT article (pdf version)