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HHP Faculty and Students Volunteer at Camp Lawrenz.

HHP faculty Dr. Bloom and UH students volunteered at the 3rd annual Camp Lawrenz on March 7th at Spring Oaks Middle School. Some of the UH students volunteering in the camp were Matt Stoltz [aka: Shasta]  John McKenna [Sr.] Jamie Everett [Sr.], Mike Wilson [ Sr.] Cougar Volleyball Coach Gabriella Carboni [HHP Alum] and current members of the University of Houston Volleyball team.

Camp Lawrenz is organized for Spring Branch children to raise Cancer awareness and funds for research. This camp is conducted by the Spring Branch Health Fitness Teachers Association. Campers participate in 3 different sessions during the camp. All proceeds from the camp go to a cancer society or charity in honor of Dawn Lawrenz.

Below are a couple of images of camp volunteers: