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Degree Requirements

General Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. in Kinesiology requires a minimum of 66 hours, including 33 hours of core coursework and 6 hours of required doctoral dissertation hours.

The remaining 27 hours are designated electives that are pertinent to a students course of study. These are to be taken under the direction and approval of the student’s advisor. These electives can be drawn from the designated elective course list and include classes (both scheduled and Special Problems classes) offered within the department, classes offered in other departments within the University of Houston, or classes offered in support areas at other academic institutions. The approved electives will provide the student with an academic foundation in the particular discipline of study within the Ph.D. program.

Students will enter the program in a cohort and are expected to follow the schedule below over their first two years:

Year 1
Year 1
Year 2
Year 2
PEP 8306
Principles of Scientific Inquiry
PEP 7397 (will become PEP 8333)
Integrated System Physiology II
IDNS 6391
Ethics in Science
PEP 7397
Foundations of Pedagogy
PEP 8331
Integrated System Physiology I
PEP 8314
Doctoral Residency Seminar
PEP 7397
Applied Statistical
Modeling in Health Research
PEP 8323
Programming and
Proposal Writing
PEP 8332
Integrated System Physiology Lab
SOCW 8325
Applied Multivariate Statistics

In addition, each student will be required to participate in on-going research projects, develop independent research projects, generate research results that form the basis of their candidacy paper and attend research seminars and thesis/dissertation defenses within both the department and the wider scientific research community.

The cap-stone experience within the Ph.D. (Kinesiology) program is completion of a dissertation research project and dissertation document.