Health and Human Performance
The University of Houston
3855 Holman St. Rm 104 Garrison
Houston, TX 77204-6015
Phone: (713)743-9840
Fax: (713)743-9860

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HHP Directory

Dr. Lisa Alastuey, Clinical Associate Professor

Attorney Eric Bentley, Adjunct Lecturer

Dr. Sharon Bode, Clinical Associate Professor

Mr. Todd Boutte, Graduate Program Administrator

Dr. Whitney Breslin, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Mark Clarke, Associate Professor

Ms. Amanda Clinard, Academic Advisor 1

Dr. Christopher Connaboy, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Cottingham, Assistant Professor

Ms. Alisha Davis, Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Stephanie Davis, Assistant Business Administrator

Ms. Carla Ferrell, Lecturer

Dr. Stanley Fisher, Adjunct Lecturer

Ms. Alma Gonzalez, Academic Advisor 1

Dr. Stacey Gorniak, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jon Gray, Instructional Associate Professor

Ms. Martha Hayes, Communications Manager

Dr. Daphne Hernandez, Assistant Professor

Ms. Caryn Honig, Adjunct Lecturer

Mr. Sean Kim , Adjunct Lecturer

Dr. Jong-Hee Kim, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Mark Knoblauch, Clinical Assistant Professor

Ms. Sanja Korman, Lecturer

Mr. William Kurth, Academic Advisor 2

Dr. Mitzi Laughlin, Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Charles Layne, Department Chair, Professor

Dr. Tracey Ledoux, Assistant Professor

Dr. Beom-Chan Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Thomas Lowder, Assistant Professor

Ms. Joanna Macsas, Instructional Assistant Professor

Dr. Kimberlee Matalon, Associate Professor

Mr. Prashant Mutgekar, Programmer Analyst 2

Dr. Daniel O'Connor, Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Odio, Program Director 1

Ms. Anne Ogborn, Second Life Developer

Dr. William Paloski, Professor

Dr. Yoonjung Park, Assistant Professor

Mr. Jay Parks, Associate Director - Programs, Campus Recreation

Dr. Demetrius Pearson, Associate Professor

Ms. Holly Rogers, Academic Advisor 1

Ms. Shaynee Roper, Adjunct Lecturer

Mr. Joe Russo, Adjunct Lecturer

Ms. Claudia Scott, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Richard Simpson, Assistant Professor

Dr. Elizabeth Slator, Adjunct Lecturer

Ms. Ann Svendsen-Sanchez, Lecturer

Dr. Eddie T. C. Lam, Adjunct Lecturer

Dr. Adam Thrasher, Associate Department Chair, Associate Professor

Dr. Rey Trevino, Clinical Assistant Professor

Ms. Lesley Watkins, Academic Advisor 2

Ms. Randi Weintraub Betts, Director, Administration & Academic Affairs

Ms. Jessica Wheeler, Program Coordinator

Dr. Warren Whisenant, Adjunct Lecturer

Ms. Melanee Wood , Adjunct Lecturer

Dr. Josh Yellen, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. James Zhang, Adjunct Lecturer