M.S. in Human Space Exploration Sciences

The graduate program in Human Space Exploration Sciences focuses on developing individuals with the necessary skills and understanding to allow them to enter the space exploration workforce with ease. This will be achieved by providing both academic and practical training to our students that will not only provide a solid foundation in the academy but also sensitize them to the unique challenges faced when working in the human space flight environment.

Our graduates will be a significant asset to any organization in the space industry that hires them due to their unique perspective of the field normally only acquired from several years of service within the space industry. In addition, graduates from the program will also be qualified for positions within the medical and health-related fields due to the unique blend of interdisciplinary skills mastered during their graduate education.

The degree plan is designed to provide a course of study at the graduate level which provides a broad human physiology background with a strong specialization in those areas focusing on human physiological adaptation to space flight and the area known in the space industry as “man-in-the-loop”, a central concept/component of the manned space flight program.

Graduates will not only receive training in normal/space physiology, but will also complete an integrated academic program that blends bioengineering, space architecture/habitat development and advanced technologies as they apply to the unique challenges of extended human habitation and exploration of space.