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Dear Student/Faculty/Staff Member:

  The Health Center wishes to assist you in Staying Healthy by informing the   University community of various health related subject matter in any University setting, and urges the University community to:

        Stay up to date with vaccinations.
                CDC Adult Immunization Schedule
         Seek medical attention if you have symptoms of a communicable disease.
                Specific Communicable Diseases

        Keep alert to inclement weather conditions this Hurricane season.
                The National Hurricane Center

        Be familiar with "MRSA", and stay safe with "Good Hygiene Practices".

        Know that the University of Houston Eye Institute provides affordable and                  comprehensive care of conditions involving vision. Please refer to their                   website for more information: University of Houston Eye Institute






Do you need medical advice afterhours? You can dial 1-866-315-8756 24/7, 365 days of the year and be connected to the Student Emergency Care Hotline. You will received free, confidential health care advice from a registered nurse.  All UH students are eligible for this service.

**Service provided through American Health and Holding, INC. which is not affiliated with the University of Houston Health Center**









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