Good Practices
Good Practices
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The fact that you are looking at this page suggests that you have an interest in how others are using the Internet/multimedia to enhance learning in the geosciences. Please take a few minutes to respond to a survey.

Other resources at this site include lists of course resources arranged by Topic and by University which can be helpful in becoming familiar with the variety of resources available for instructors and students in the geosciences. Approximately 80% of these resources are primarily course notes, sylabii and other materials which, although useful for a particular course, may lack applicability for adoption by others as a part of their courses.

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Good Learning Practices in the Geosciences

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The purpose of this page is to focus on those resources which illustrate good practices and might be adopted by, or prove suggestive, to others. Clearly, there is an element of personal judgment in producing such lists and the author bears full responsibility for the contents. I am always interested in being aware of new resources and will gladly accept nominations.

It is imperative that we respect and protect the intellectual property of the individuals who designed and implemented the resources. I think it is proper to correspond with the individual if you want to use his/her resource for one of your exercises. Find out if they are prepared for what might be a fairly high demand on their server. It would be easy to strip out the text and accompanying images and put them on your server. This raises serious ethical issues. Perhaps the author would allow you to operate a "mirror" site. Most developers are proud of their efforts and it is always good form to ask.

June 1, 1999

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