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  1. Animated Tectonic History of Western North America and Southern California
    "Professor Tanya Atwater began these animations as a project for the Smithsonian Museum and for public education. As they evolved, the animations developed into a powerful research visualization tool used by geoscientists across the nation. Professor Atwater is now releasing these animations over the Web for general use."

  2. Atlas of Igneous and Metamorphic Minerals, Rocks, and Textures
    from University of North Carolina

  3. Building the Digital Earth
    "We, at Cornell University, Institute for the Study of Continents (INSTOC) and Department of Geological Sciences, have developed and continue to maintain these web pages. There are several organizations that supported the development of the knowledge provided in these pages and tools developed to access the data and information. The major sponsors are: Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and private oil companies."

  4. Geologic Hazards - Keyword Organization - from NASA

  5. Geomorphology from Space
    ""Geomorphology from designed for use by the remote sensing science and educational communities to study landforms and landscapes. ...a gallery of space imagery [exists] consisting of 237 plates, each treating a geographic region where a particular landform theme is exemplified. Commentary, photographs, locator maps, and sometimes a geologic map accompany each plate." Imagery exists for rivers, volcanoes, coasts, tectonic landforms and more.

  6. Image Data Base
    University of British Columbia. "Welcome to the UBC EOS Image Gallery. This collection contains images related to the earth and ocean sciences, including some specialized subsets (e.g., Lithoprobe, Structural Geology)." Faculty at UBC can use EOS Slide Shows to prepare talks and presentations.

  7. Keck Consortium Structural Geology Slide Set
    "The Keck Geology Consortium Structural Geology Slide Set was compiled by H. Robert Burger, Smith College with the support of the W. M. Keck Foundation, Los Angeles. The database was developed by the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. "

There are more than 40 reference to image collections available in the FileMaker Pro Database

January 15, 2001

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