The Virtual Professor's Survey

A small group of us are interested in learning what resources you would like to have available on the Internet or in hard copy format. The fact that you visited this page suggests that there is an interest in how others are using the Internet to build learning environments. Your response will be helpful in planning for future efforts. Thanks

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  1. How long have you been using the Internet to distribute course resources?

  2. Which of the following best describes your situation?

  3. Which of the following resources would be of greatest interest/help to you?

  4. "I believe that there is a need for a group which would "peer review" Internet resources much as there is a "peer review" process for "classic" publications."

  5. I would be willing to serve as a "reviewer" for Internet resources.

  6. I encourage my non-tenured colleagues to spend time preparing Internet and other multimedia resources.

  7. I feel that my efforts to enhance learning is taken into consideration in the review process.

  8. What is the biggest obstacle (with respect to the production of Internet and multimedia resources) you face on your campus?

    Please add any other comments that you would like to make about your experiences.

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