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Student Projects

    1. Big Bend National Park
      Texas A&M is an interesting combination of a virtual field trip and a student(s) project. This combination seems to be an ideal alternative to the "same old" term paper.

    2. the Geology of Cincinnati

    3. The Hooper Paleontology Museum
      Carlton College, includes "Internet" essays by students.

    4. Understanding Environmental Systems
      Rice University. "Understanding Rice as an Environmental System : Wetlands System, Flood System, Playing Fields System, etc. A great way to get students to work together in a setting that they are familiar with.

    5. Student Projects in Space Geodesy
      from U. California at Davis

    6. WebDoGS Time Maching
      "Welcome to the Time Machine. Just point your mouse at the time scale to your left and click on one of the intervals of geological time. A page relating to that time will appear here, in this frame where you are reading now. It may be a page about a fossil of that time, or a map showing the way the continents were then or just an interesting point about the geology of that time. Some of the pages lead to still other pages where you can find out even more.... Don't get lost in the Time Machine!". Produced and directed by Paul Howell and a group of 4th grade students!

    There are more than 2,200 Internet-based resources in the FileMaker Pro Database and many are appropriate for student projects.

    January 15, 2001

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