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Zenith Purification

Our mission is to help the energy industry transition towards a more sustainable future and to safeguard our environment for future generations.

Full Description

Strategically located on the outskirts of Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, our startup company provides innovative solutions to facilitate the energy transition and protect our environment. We specialize in developing separation and purification membranes and sorbents for carbon dioxide removal, hydrogen and natural gas purification, and water purification. Our solutions enable more cost-effective carbon dioxide removal, lower costs of hydrogen and natural gas, and more efficient removal of contaminants from water.


We are developing two key technologies:

  1. polymeric membranes for carbon dioxide removal, hydrogen purification, and natural gas purification. We use a technology platform for multiple membranes
  2. silica-based sorbents for hydrogen purification, heavy metal removal and recovery from water and chemicals.