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HillMed Inc.

HillMed vision is to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, including pelvic floor dysfunction, by leveraging our unique multidisciplinary expertise to create novel electromyographic solutions.

Full Description

When chronic pelvic pain is present for more than six months, changes in the person's nervous system and/or brain occur in a process called sensitization. Unfortunately, chronic pelvic pain can be difficult to sort out due to overlapping clinical presentations and qualitative physical examination findings. Current clinical diagnosis approaches of CPP, i.e., palpation and questionnaires, are subjective and non-quantitative. The lack of advanced diagnosis tools leaves a majority of CPP patients undiagnosed and untreated for over 6 months.


HillMed is developing three medical devices to aid in the 1) diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain, 2) home care of chronic pelvic pain, and 3) therapeutic chemodenervation of the pelvic floor.

The first device is worn on the hand of clinicians during a digital pelvic exam and quantifies patient pain levels to better characterize pelvic floor pain. The second device is an at-home Bluetooth device used to re-train the pelvic floor muscles, promoting pelvic floor muscle relaxation and thereby relieving pain. Finally, for women with treatment-resistant chronic pelvic pain, we are developing a device to target pelvic floor muscle neuromuscular junctions, improvising the efficacy of chemo-denervation with neurotoxins such as Botox.