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Energy Policy: Did the US Win or Lose in the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Energy Policy: Did the US Win or Lose in the Iran Nuclear Deal? Panel

UH Energy hosted the third symposium in the 2015 – 2016 Energy Symposium Series | Critical Issues in Energy on February 15 in the UH Student Center. The topic “Energy Policy: Did the U.S. Win or Lose in the Iran Nuclear Deal?” produced a lively discussion and an excellent turnout of about 450 UH students and faculty, industry professionals and community members. The speakers included Cliff Kupchan, chairman of Eurasia Group, a global risk and consulting firm; Joes Barnes, the Bonner Means Baker Fellow at the Baker Institute at Rice University; and, joining via Skype was Sara Vakhshouri, founder and president of SVB Energy International, a strategic energy consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. The event was moderated by Chris Tomlinson from the Houston Chronicle.

The discussion focused on complex issues surrounding the Iran Nuclear Deal. Kupchan said that, because Iran’s nuclear capabilities have been seriously hindered, the U.S. can consider itself to have won in this deal. He also said the deal is not perfect and doing business with Iran will remain difficult for some time. Joe Barnes said the deal is beneficial for the U.S., even though it is difficult to determine how it will affect global markets as world demand for oil remains tenuous. Dr. Vakhshouri added that Europe will be one of Iran’s biggest customers on the upcoming years, and that quality will be a large factor in how well the nation compete with U.S. production. Overall, the speakers concluded that, despite many economic and social complications, the Iran Nuclear Deal will prove to be a win for both the U.S. and Iran.

       Speaker Panel:                                                                                 Moderator:

Sara Vakhshouri     Cliff Kupchan     James Barnes                Chris Tomlinson

       Sara Vakhshouri                Cliff Kupchan                  Joe Barnes                                      Chris Tomlinson

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