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Volunteer with HISD

Under the Third Ward Initiative the College of Education is partnering with HISD and the schools listed below to elevate the academic achievements of the students performance on TEA Index 1 to a level of 60 or above within the next 3 years. Most of the work towards this goal will be done by the existing teachers supplemented by the College of Education graduate students and undergraduates training to be teachers. Their efforts will be supplemented by UH social work graduate students and graduate students in counseling. From time to time some of the schools have opportunities for volunteers to act as mentors, readers, listeners, and or chaperones. Community organizations often have volunteer tutoring and mentoring opportunities with after school programs.

To volunteer at an HISD school one must go to the HISD online website and register with VIPS. (Volunteers In Public Schools). As part of the process the applicant can indicate the school he or she would like to serve and choose from various volunteer categories. HISD will then perform a background check that could take weeks. Upon being notified the applicant has to present his or her photo identification at the school where it will be copied. The school administration will be able to identify any volunteer opportunities at that time. Once registered and approved one can volunteer at any HISD school. Registration is good for one year. Before showing up at a school contact the school’s volunteer coordinator to see what opportunities are available.

Blackshear Elementary

2900 Holman Street
Houston, Texas 77004
Office: 713-942-1481

Dr. Sukari Stredit-Thomas, Principal,

Hartsfield Elementary

5001 Perry Street
Houston, Texas 77021
Office: 713-746-8280

Travis Johnson, Principal,

Tresiola Phillip, School Volunteer Coordinator,

Foster Elementary

3919 Ward Street
Houston, Texas 77021
Office: 713-746-8260

Angela Stephens, Principal,

Thompson Elementary

6121 Tierwester Street
Houston, Texas 77021
Office: 713-746-8250

Erica Brame-Manuel, Principal,

Cullen Middle School

6900 Scott Street
Houston, Texas 77021
Office: 713-746-8180

Jacqueline Thompson, Principal,

Jack Yates Senior High School

3703 Sampson Street
Houston, Texas 77004
Office: 713-748-5400

Tiffany Guillory, Principal,