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Office of Administration will host an IMPACT-Makers quarterly lunch, beginning January 2023, highlighting individual employees who are making an IMPACT on their department by demonstrating the core values of the department. IMPACT-Maker submissions must include detailed examples from the senior leader about how the employee exemplified by department’s values in their work. In addition to the lunch, recipients will receive IMPACT-Makers gear.

IMPACT-Makers Nomination Form

  • Parking and Transportation

    Parking and Transportation

    Parking and Transportation Team wins the A&F Teams Impact Award which recognizes a team of employees within the Division who are involved in a program or project that has had a positive impact on the University or a department, and which has assisted the University in growing its national competitiveness, student success, social responsibility/community engagement, or competitive funding.
  • Eric Rojas

    Eric Rojas

    Eric Rojas is the winner of the A&F Silent Service Award which recognizes an employee within the Division who exhibits superior work performance, while exemplifying a positive and cooperative attitude on a day-to-day "behind the scenes" basis without self-promotion or aggrandizement. This person demonstrates a commitment to Service Excellence with a steady, pragmatic approach, which contributes toward the Division’s strategic goals.
  • Alexcis Mendoza

    Alexcis Mendoza

    University of Houston Dining Services and Chartwells District Marketing Manager Alexcis Mendoza has been awarded the Chartwells President’s Circle Award. The award is given to a Chartwells team member for their contributions to “Living the Brand” and going above and beyond to support their specific accounts and other accounts across the nation.