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Questions to consider

Before you reach out to A&F Services Assessment and Evaluation Program about developing and designing an assessment plan for your department, program, or area, please review and consider the following questions. 

  • What “critical question(s)” do you have about the services that are offered through your unit? Does that involve students? Is there something that you wish to know about the services and/or how that connects to students?

  • How will the answers to your “critical question(s)” help you provide better service? Do the questions relate to your departmental mission, goals and or objectives? How will that connect to the institutional mission? Who will be your audience on campus, as well as external audience/stakeholders who might be interested in these questions?

  • What type of assessment will be most suitable for the “critical question(s) ” that you have about services and/ or students? What kind of data are already available that can address your question(s)?

  • What assessment method(s) would be most appropriate to answer the question(s)? Is the method direct or indirect? Is the assessment type formative or summative? Are there benchmarks (comparisons) that you need to develop?

  • What measures would you use in your assessment (e.g. raw counts, survey questions, interview questions or rubric etc.)?

  • What methodology will you use?