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Professional Experience

Tom Bjorklund

Research Scientist
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
University of Houston



Supervisory and technical experience with three major oil and gas exploration and development companies ranging from exploitation and close-in exploration in the Los Angeles basin, Utah-Wyoming thrust belt, Anadarko and Arkoma basins, San Juan basin and S. Texas Vicksburg trend to international operations in the frontier areas of Pakistan, S. China and Trinidad. Broad-based skills in structural geology, reservoir description, reserve estimation and risk-weighted prospect analysis. Led multidisciplinary teams responsible for geologic operations on drilling wells in wide range of geographic settings. Facilitated cross-disciplinary teamwork and partner relationships. Experience with UNIX workstations, the SMT Kingdom suite, 2DMove, ArcInfo and the application of advanced seismic attributes to assess subsurface reservoirs for CO2 sequestration potential.

Professional Experience

Selected Field Studies (carried out or supervised)

  • Anchutz Ranch-Jurassic Nugget sandstone, gas, Utah
  • Beurline-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • Brea-Olinda-Tertiary turbite-channel sandstones, heavy oil, California
  • Cat Canyon-Miocene fractured Monterey shale and chert, oil, California
  • Cement-Paleozoic overpressured gas sands, Oklahoma
  • Dickman, Mississippian porous zone, CO2 sequestration, Kansas
  • Geysers-Jurassic fractured Franciscan metamorphics, geothermal steam, California
  • Howard Townsite-Tertiary distal turbidites, oil, California
  • Hugoton-Panoma-Paleozoic gas-bearing carbonates, Kansas
  • Javelina-Jefferie-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • La Copita-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • Long Beach-Tertiary distal turbidites, waterflood, California
  • Los Indios-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • McAllen Ranch-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • Mocane-Laverne-Paleozoic carbonates and sandstones, gas, Oklahoma
  • MonteCristo-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • Newport-Cambrian sandstone, meteoric impact structure, oil, N. Dakota
  • Orcutt-fractured Monterey shale, oil, California
  • Patoka, Trenton and Mt. Simon sandstone, CO2 sequestration, Illinois
  • Pavillion-Tertiary gas sands, Wyoming
  • Red Oak-Paleozoic tight gas sands, Oklahoma
  • Red Wash-Tertiary lacustrine sandstones, high pour-point oil, Utah
  • Rincon-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • Roscrans-Tertiary distal turbidites, oil, California
  • San Juan Basin-Tertiary coalbed methane, New Mexico
  • Schmidt-Oligocene Vicksburg overpressured gas sands, Texas
  • Seal Beach-Tertiary distal turbidites, oil, California
  • Slocum-Tertiary Carrizo sands, steam drive, East Texas
  • Teapot Dome, Tensleep sandstone, CO2 sequestration, Wyoming
  • Tract C-b-Eocene oil shale, underground mine evaluation, Colorado
  • TWG-Paleozoic gas sands, Oklahoma
  • Wattenberg-Cretaceous tight gas sands, Colorado
  • Weatherford-Paleozoic gas sands, Oklahoma
  • Whitney Canyon-Mississippian Madison limestone, sour gas, Wyoming
  • Wilburton-Paleozoic gas sands, Oklahoma
  • Yorba Linda-Tertiary turbidite-channel conglomerates, steam-soak, California

Operations Areas-Domestic

  • Anadarko and Arkoma basins-field development and stepout drilling, Oklahoma
  • California and Alaska offshore hazards evaluations-platform and pipeline site surveys
  • Denver basin, infill drilling, Wattenberg field
  • Hugoton Embayment-infill drilling, Kansas
  • Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Maria basins, California-field and exploratory drilling
  • Powder River basin, Montana and Wyoming-appraisal core holes, surface coal mine planning
  • San Juan and Raton basins-coalbed methane development, New Mexico and Colorado
  • South Texas Vicksburg-overpressured sandstones, gas, stepout drilling
  • Uinta, Piceance and Sand Wash basins, Utah and Colorado-field and exploratory drilling
  • Utah-Wyoming overthrust belt-field development and exploratory drilling
  • Williston basin-field and exploratory drilling, North Dakota
  • Wyoming foreland basins, tight gas sand development and lease maintenance

Operations Areas-International

  • Teak, Poui, Mora, Cassia, Samaan fields and Gulf of Paria-exploration seismic surveys and development drilling, offshore Trinidad and Tobago
  • Liuhua 11-1 field area-Pearl River-Mouth basin, exploratory drilling, South China sea, PRC
  • Indus and Kohat licenses-exploratory drilling, Northwest Territories-Pakistan

Employment History

University of Houston (2008-Present)

Research Scientist, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Houston (2006-2008)

P.I. and Project Manager, Center for Applied Geosciences and Energy, DOE CO2 sequestration project

University of Houston (2003-2008)

Research Scientist, Department of Geosciences

Amoco Production Company (1978-1994)

Senior Geological Associate, Houston, Texas (1993-1994)
Director of Exploration, Amoco Pakistan Exploration, Islamabad, Pakistan (1992-1993)
Senior Geological Associate, Houston, Texas (1991-1992)
Chief Geologist, Amoco Orient Petroleum Company, Shekou, China (1990-1991)
Chief Geologist, Amoco Trinidad Oil Company, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago (1989-1990)
Division Exploitation Geologist-Denver, Colorado (1981-1988)
Staff Geologist, Denver, Colorado (1978-1981)

Shell Oil Company (1966-1978)

Senior Geological Engineer, Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; New Orleans, La.

Chevron Oil Company (1962-1966)

Geologist, Denver, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah

Academic Background

University of Houston, Geology, Ph.D., 2002
Dissertation: Evolution of the Whittier fold-fault system of the northeastern Los Angeles basin, California

University of Texas at Austin, Geology, M.A., Minor: Math, 1962
Thesis: Structure of Horse Mountain anticline, Brewster County, Texas

California Institute of Technology, Geology, B.S. with honor, 1960