GSA Annual Meeting - University of Houston
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GSA Annual Meeting

GSA Annual Meeting
Denver, CO - Sep. 25-28, 2016

Presentations with UH EAS faculty/students as (Co-)Authors

Geological Society of America (Annual Meeting)
Jingqiu Huang**, Shuhab Khan*, Ismail Abir**, Abduwasit Ghulam Insar Measurements of Subsidence and Earthquake swarms in The Western Pakistan
Daniel Sullivan**, Alan Brandon*, Juan Silva-Tamayo* Factors controlling osmium residence time and implications for isotopic signal during OAE2
Deborah Bradley, Thomas Lapen* Modeling of rare earth elment zonation in garnet from high pressure/low temperature (HP/LT) lawsonite eclogite from the Motagua fault zone in Central Guatemala
Michael Smith, Joel Saylor*, Thomas Lapen* The Paradox Basin and sediment routing in North America during the Late Paleozoic
Katherine Tilghman, Thomas Lapen*, Virginia Sisson* Constraining the age of garnet breakdown in the Dora Maira, Western Alps: implications of U-Th-Pb ages and ree concentrations in phosphates
Margarete Jadamec*, Kirstie Haynie** Geodynamic models of slab-driven upper plate deformation in an oblique subduction zone setting
Lucien Nana Yobo**, Juan Silva-Tamayo* Regional effect on Oligocene-Miocene shallow marine carbonate along the Se Circum- Caribbean
Macey Crockett, Shuhab Khan*, Virginia Alonso De Linaje A comparative hyperspectral study of hydrocarbon seepages near  Uvalde, Texas
Manujel Paez-Reyes**, Ashley Guerrediaga***, Rebecca Rea***, Juan Silva-Tamayo*, Christopher Junium, Brent Miller, Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz Cenomanian volcanism and its influence on carbon cycling during oceanic anoxic event 2 in the tropical realm
Guangsheng Zhuang, Sam Johnstone, Jermey Hourigan, Peter Lippert, Bradley Ritts, Alexander Robinson*, Edward Sobel Partitioning of crustal shortening in the Northern Tibetan Plateau: Constraints from thermochronology studies
Kurt Sundell**, Joel Saylor*, Margarete Jadamec*, Richard Styron, Jose Cardenas Paleogene uplift and geodynamics of the Peruvian Central Andes inferred from sediment provenance, detrital geochrnology, and flexural modeling of Altiplano stratigraphy
Giovanny Nova, German Bayona, Juan Silva-Tamayo*, Paola Montano, Camilo Montes, Agustin Cardona Detailed stratigraphy of upper Jurassic sedimentary and volcanoclastic rocks from Western Pangea outcropping along the Proto Caribbean
Peter Copeland*, Claire Currie, Timothy Lawton, Michael Murphy* Location, location, location: The variable lifespan of the Laramide Orogeny and implications for the Ancient Grand Canyon hypothesis
Yucel Erdal**, Juan Silva-Tamyo*, Brian Richardson, Simon Mitchell Sedimentology, stratigraphy and chemostratigraphy of Eocene-Miocene carbonate successions in the Western Caribbean: The Swanswick and Somerset formations, Jamaica
Logan Combs, Arya Udry, James Day, Thomas Lapen* Petrology and mineral chemistry of the Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 10169: Constraints on enriched Poikilitic Shergottite petrogenesis
Ashley Boyd?, Joel Saylor*, Nicolas Bartschi** Provenance analysis of late Cretaceous sandstones in books Cliff, Utah
Jingqiu Huang**, Shuhab Khan*, Adul Khan Slip rates of Chaman fault system, Pakistan
Claire Currie, Peter Copeland* Geodynamic models of Farallon Plate subduction: Creating and removing a flat slab 
John Suppe*, Jonny Wu* The second half of plate tectonics: Finding the last ~200Ma of subducted lithosphere and incorporating it into plate reconstruction, with the exmple of East Asia/Philippine Sea
Margarete Jadamec* Geodynamic modeling of slab-driven mantle flow and upwelling at slab edges