GCAGS Convention - University of Houston
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GCAGS Convention

GCAGS Annual Convention
Corpus Christi, TX - Sep. 18-20, 2016
Details: http://www.gcags2016.com/
Authors  Poster/Presentation
Paul Mann*, Andrew Steier** Tweaking Pangea's Breakup: Triassic to Present Plate Tectonic Reconstruc tions Integrating Recent Geologic, Geophysical, and Hydrocarbon Data from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Conjugate Margins
Luan Nguyen**, Paul Mann* Mesozoic Stretching Amounts of the Continental Margins of the Gulf of Mexico Basin Derived from 3D Gravity Inversion and Depth to Basement Mapping
Aubrey Helper**, Shuhab Khan*, John B. Anderson Imaging the internal Movements of Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula with Ground Penetrating Radar
David Lankford-Bravo***, Paul Mann Improved Mapping of the Subsalt, Continent-Ocean Boundary in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Implications for the Structural Relief for Overlying Folds of the Passive Margin Fold-Thrust Belt
Yi-An Lin**, Guoquan Wang* Ground Motions along the Long-Point Fault Derived from Continuous GPS Observations (2013-2015)
Juhi Aggarwal Application of Geophysical Techniques to Study the Texas Coast: Internal Architecture of Beach-Dune Morphology along the Lower Texas Barrier Islands
David Lankford-Bravo***, Muhammad Nawaz Bugti**, Sharon L. Cornelius**, and Paul Mann* Documentation of Isolated Lenses of High-Velocity, Eocene to Miocene Limestone within Clastic Rocks above and below Allochthonous Salt Bodies, North-Central Gulf of Mexico
Pin Lin**, Paul Mann* Kinematics of Jurassic Rifting and Oceanic Spreading between the Continental Blocks of Western Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula
Muhammad Nawaz Bugti**, Paul Mann* What is the Limiting Factor for Hydrocarbon Prospects of the Port Isabel Passive Margin Foldbelt, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico?
Sharon Cornelius**, Pete Emmet* A Geological 3D Velocity Model in Keathley Canyon and Walker Ridge, Gulf of Mexico
Timothy Kearns**, Guoqan Wang*, Yan Bao**, Jiajun Jiang, Dongje Lee** Subsidence-Groundwater Interaction in the Houston Metropolitan Area (2005-2014)