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Faculty Profile

Robert ComitoRobert Comito

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

Office: STL, 445
Contact: rjcomito@central.uh.edu - 713-743-6861

Education: Ph.D., Princeton University, 2014; B.A., Rutgers University, 2005-2009

Postdoctoral Scholar, MIT, 2014-2018


My research focuses on new catalytic methods for organic and polymer synthesis. In particular, this program uses main group catalysis to target synthetically valuable transformations that are underserved by established transition metal methods. This approach takes advantage of the complementarity between main group and organometallic chemistry. In general, main group complexes show greater coordinative lability and improved alkyl stability than their transition metal counterparts, potential advantages for reactions designed to incorporate polar functional groups or involving alkyl intermediates. In polymer chemistry, methods of interest include living olefin polymerization and ambiphilic copolymerization, potentially amenable to advanced polyolefins with improved properties. For organic synthesis, I am interested in olefin difunctionalization and C-H activation, relevant for medicinal chemistry and complex molecule synthesis.

Herman and Joan Suit Endowed Professor of Polymer Chemistry