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In Memoriam: Dr. James Reed Cox, Jr.
Dr. Cox, a professor emeritus of chemistry, was 88.

Project Will Expand Use of Metal Catalysts for Drug Discovery
$1.5 million project could lead to more effective drugs at lower dosages.

Ph.D. Student Makes Strides in Understanding Photostability of Molecules
Lucas Karas studies computational chemistry with professor Judy Wu.

Associate Chemistry Professor Finds New, Unexpected Result in 2D Material
Research team visualizes atomic motions on surface of ultrathin material.

‘Deceptively Simple’ Process Could Boost Plastics Recycling
The method also could advance producing plastics from natural oils.

Two UH Chemists Are Named 2020 Sloan Research Fellows
Brgoch, Wu honored for their work in fundamental chemistry.

New Hybrid Device Can Both Capture and Store Solar Energy
Device offers a new avenue for capitalizing on abundant solar energy.

Changing How Chemists Think About Textbook Chemical Concepts
UH chemist maps prospects for surprising links in chemistry.

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