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Shruti Hariyani, Chemistry Ph.D. Student, Receives P.E.O. Scholar Award
$20,000 award supports doctoral-level study and research.

Bittner Named Ulam Scholar at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chemistry professor to work as visiting scholar at lab’s Center for Nonlinear Studies.

Inside NSM: Glass Shop
Glassblower Nathan Bonnet creates one-of-a-kind glassware pieces and makes repairs for faculty and students across campus.

New Imaging Technique Could Lead to Better Treatment of Cancers, Viral Infections
UH researchers receive $1.2 million grant to peer into ribosomes.

Chemistry Faculty Member Aims to Develop Precise Cell Delivery Technology
Naihao Chiang to achieve results with possible applications in drug delivery and gene therapies.

Hariyani: A Shining Star at UH’s Chemistry Department
Ph.D. student Shruti Hariyani helps develop human-centric lightbulb.

UH Researchers Publish Study on Student Engagement Before and After Pandemic
Tom Teets and Fan Wu find student motivation and self-regulation decreased.

Chemist and Biologist Develop Technique to Measure Molecular Binding Strength
Shoujun Xu and Yuhong Wang awarded NSF grant.

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