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Michelle Choi

Master of Music

Music director, organist and pianist MiWha Choi was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She started playing the piano at five-years old and holds a Bachelor (2001) and a Master (2004) degree in Church Music from the Chong Sin Presbyterian University. After graduation, MiWha began organ lessons and eventually graduated with a Master's degree in Organ (2013) from the University of Houston. MiWha began her teaching career in 1996 and has pedagogical experience with children as well as with adults of various levels and nationalities. As a graduate student in Korea, she taught group lessons for adults in the Gal Wol welfare center.

As a performer, MiWha has played in different churches around the world, especially in Japan and the United States. From 2002 to 2005 she was the pianist for the Lampas Ensemble which eventually recorded a CD. She became music Director after an extensive studying regiment, she returned to Korea she did several non profit concerts for the underprivileged which was eventually started a trend of similar concerts in Korea. She gained a full scholarship At the university of Iowa as well as a felllowship so she returned to the states to start her DMA. While she was music director at Grace United Methodist Church in Tiffin,IA, While she was there the IGNIS ensemble made an appearance and enabled her to extend her performances to NY. MiWha worked as an organist for the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Houston, First United Methodist Church in Beaumont, and the Sugarland Baptist Church. She worked for the  Faith Korean Presbyterian Church as a Music Minister and worked for the Mountain olive Lutheran church as a music director. She is currently working for the St. Andrew episcopal church in Ojai, CA. And she is currently studying at World mission University for her DCM degree of an orchestra conducting after one recital for DMA of an organ in UT, Austin. After this extensive career,she recently performed with the IGNIS ensemble, of which she is now the director at her home church of St. Andrews episcopal church and the La Habra United Methodist Church with the title of ’ Treasure of Christmas.’ She is planning further IGNIS concerts in the future. Her and her IGNIS ensemble have been featured in the Ojai daily newspaper.

MiWha has also collaborated with her sister, who is a professional modern jazz dancer.