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The Bachelor of Music enables students to become exceptional, well-rounded musicians. The coursework includes the university core requirements as well as classes in music theory, music history, and applied lessons. Outside of formal classes, students gain performance experience in the university’s performance ensembles. Please refer to UHin4 for degree plans and the undergraduate catalog for degree requirements. Students major in one of the following specializations.


A Bachelor of Music in Performance prepares students for careers in musical performance and equips them for private teaching after graduation. Performance coursework focuses on applied lessons, conducting, and performance pedagogy in addition to the music theory and music history classes common to all Bachelor of Music majors. Many students choose to pursue graduate studies. Students choose a concentration in jazz performance, piano performance, piano performance (pedagogy emphasis) organ performance, instrumental performance (winds, strings, or percussion), or vocal performance. 

In addition, to the performance degree requirements, students must successfully complete a sophomore barrier examination to progress to the junior level of applied study.


The Bachelor of Music in Composition prepares students for careers that involve the composition of concert music or graduate work in composition. In addition to music theory and music history courses required by all Bachelor of Music degrees, the coursework includes applied lessons in composition and the student’s major instrument. A strong emphasis is placed on obtaining high quality live performances of compositions and becoming thoroughly acquainted with the concert music repertoire of the last 100 years. Upon completion of the degree, students will have had performances of at least 60 minutes of composition.

Music Theory

The Bachelor of Music in Music Theory is designed to prepare students for graduate work in music theory, with the career goal of becoming a university professor and theorist. The music theory coursework places special emphasis on musical form and structure and other technical and expressive elements of music. The program has a strong research component that culminates in a senior thesis project.

Music with Elective Studies

The Bachelor of Music in Music with elective studies programs provide students with a rigorous, well-rounded musical education plus a complimentary specialty. Music with elective studies four year academic maps are available through UHin4 and detailed degree requirements are available in the undergraduate catalog.The areas of elective studies are:

  • Music Education (Teacher Certification)

    The Bachelor of Music with elective studies in Music Education prepares students to become successful musicians and certified music educators. Our alumni become band, orchestra, and choir directors or general music teachers. They find employment in public and private primary and secondary schools, direct large and small ensembles, teach general music courses, and provide private instruction. 

    The Moores School takes pride in giving our music education students the same quality of instruction that our performance majors receive. In addition to the course requirements for your music major and recital experience, you'll receive instruction in conducting, elementary and secondary methods, and professional development. Music education majors are only required to take a 2-credit, half-hour lesson each semester, but may elect to take a full-hour, 3– or 4– credit lesson each semester if they wish to do so. Choosing full-hour lessons, however, will result in the need for additional summer coursework and/or delayed graduation. Please see an advisor for more information. The program results in a Texas All-Level (EC-12) Certification.

  • NonProfit Music Leadership

    The Bachelor of Music degree with elective studies in Nonprofit Certification is a four-year music degree, paired with the Nonprofit Certification plan through the UH Graduate College of Social Work. This degree prepares students for careers in arts administration or any other nonprofit work.

    The Bachelor of Music degree coursework enables students to be successful musicians, with rigorous coursework that includes applied lessons, music history, music theory, and conducting. Students also gain performance experience in the school's ensembles.

    The certification includes an internship with a Houston-area arts organization as well as courses in marketing, public relations, nonprofit management, and nonprofit financial management. Once the certification is complete, students will be a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP).

  • Music Marketing

    A Bachelor of Music with elective studies in music marketing is a four-year music degree with a minor in marketing. This degree prepares students to work in arts administration or to manage their own careers as professional musicians. The marketing minor included in the plan may also serve as the basis for employment while establishing oneself as a working musician.

    In addition to university core requirements, students take applied music and coursework in music history, theory, and conducting and gain performance experience in ensembles or solo performance. Students must also complete a marketing minor as outlined by the Bauer College of Business.