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Students auditioning for entry into the Moores School of Music are automatically considered for scholarship funds available for the semester. Students will receive their official notification in writing of their admission and scholarship status.

To be eligible for a Moores School of Music Scholarship, students must meet and maintain the following general criteria:

Hours required to receive/maintain scholarship:

  • Undergraduate: 12 hours
  • Graduate: 9 hours

Semester GPA required to receive/maintain scholarship:

  • Undergraduate: 3.0
  • Graduate: 3.0

Other Criteria:

  • Recipient must be a declared music major at the University of Houston, and must be making appropriate progress toward a degree in music.
  • Recipients must audition and exhibit exceptional skills in artistic merit as determined by the Moores School of Music Scholarship Committee.
  • Scholarship recipient must be a full-time student in good standing at the University of Houston.
  • Scholarship recipient may accept other scholarships and grants in conjunction with a music scholarship.

Scholarship Handbook

Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts Scholarship
The Dean’s Artistic Excellence Scholarship is an annual scholarship in the amount of $4000, granted to students who demonstrate artistic excellence in the performing and visual arts and who are accepted to one of the programs in the McGovern College of the Arts at the University of Houston.

Eligibility criteria and a link to the scholarship application can be found on the College admissions page.


Give today to support the talented and dedicated students in the Moores School of Music. Your gift makes an enormous impact on our students lives and helps them reach their true potential. Please fill out our giving form to be contacted about making a donation to the Moores Scholarship fund. Funds for Moores School of Music scholarships may be awarded from the following generously donated endowments:

  • Margaret and Albert Alkek Scholarship Endowment in Music
  • Alkek-Williams Music Scholarship
  • Anthony P. Apollo Memorial Scholarship
  • Shirley Becker Music Scholarship
  • Charles E. and Dorothy Bishop Scholarship
  • Ruth G. Burr Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Cheryl M. Carlucci Fellowship in Opera
  • Charlene and Philip J. Carroll Endowment in Music
  • Nancy Chertok Music Scholarship Fund
  • Ruth M. Claridge Memorial Scholarship
  • Sarah J. Cooper Memorial Scholarship
  • Betty and Harry Czarnek / Betty and Eugene Patalik Music Scholarship Endowment
  • John M. Druary Scholarship Endowment
  • Margaret W. and James A. Elkins, Jr. Endowment in Music
  • Martin Antonio (Marty) Flores Scholarship Endowment for Composition and Music Theory Studies
  • Carlisle Floyd Scholarship
  • Louise and John Gabbanelli Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Galveston Musical Club Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Larry W. Gatlin Endowment in Music
  • Aron S. and Anaruth P. Gordon Scholarship Program
  • Richard Y. Grant Music Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • George Leroy and Myrajane Ereckson Hall Endowment
  • Stephen Harbachick Endowment in Music
  • Jeremy Head Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Thelma Hearn Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • William G. Henry, Jr. Scholarship Endowment in Music
  • Ruth M. Claridge Endowed Scholarship Fund in honor of Mr. Byron Hester
  • Winifred and Maurice Hirsch Memorial Scholarship
  • Albert Hirsh Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Robert J. Jones Endowment in Music
  • Betty C. and Harry T. Jukes Endowment in Music
  • Milton Katims Endowed Scholarship Fund in Music
  • Fredell Lack Music Scholarship
  • Jean Preston Lack Scholarship Endowment
  • Robert F. Lietzow Presidential Endowed Fellowship
  • Sharon Ley Lietzow Presidential Endowed Fellowship
  • J.K. & Libbie Levin Scholarship
  • May R. Litowsky Endowed Scholarship
  • Eleanor McCollum Music Scholarship
  • Lucile Birmingham Melcher Endowment
  • Lucile Birmingham Melcher Violin Fellowship Endowment
  • Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts Scholarship
  • Cynthia Woods Mitchell Music Scholarship
  • C.W. Moores, Jr. Endowment for Teaching Fellowships in Music
  • Wilhelmina R. (Beth) Robertson Endowment in Music
  • Moores School of Music Society Endowment
  • Elena Nikolaidi Scholarship Endowment
  • Claire North Patterson Scholarship Endowment
  • Organ Scholarship Fund
  • Howard Pollack Scholarship Endowment in memory of Darryl Wexler
  • Marilyn and R. E. "Gene" Reamer Endowment in Music
  • Charles F. and Dorothy Riesen Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Anna C. Saunders Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Schissler Foundation Fellowship in Orchestral Studies
  • Betty Shaw Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • June Dahar Smith Scholarship
  • Marian and Samuel W. Spain Award for Excellence in Musical Performance and Scholarship
  • Ralph and Joyce Stovin Memorial Scholarship
  • David and Ann Tomatz Music Endowment
  • Sue H. Van Horn Music Scholarship
  • Frederic A. and Betsy Cook Weber Endowed Scholarship for Vocal Music Education
  • Neva and Wesley West Scholarship Fund
  • Jayne and Albert H. Wiggins Music Scholarship
  • Michael Wilkomirski Endowed Violin Scholarship
  • John S. and Elena M. Zaccaria Scholarship