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Who we are

Moores Music in the City is a performing group of current students and alumni of the Moores School of Music.

What we do

Moores​ Music ​in the City takes the music out of Moores and into the larger Houston community. We create and perform innovative programs and bring them to audiences across Houston. We perform in libraries, museums, and many other venues.

Why we do what we do

We believe that music is always about communication and engagement. Much of the music that one hears in universities and concert halls takes time to understand and enjoy, but many potential audiences are intimidated or repulsed by the austere and complex concert culture surrounding Western classical music. Moores Music in the City bridges these gaps by providing context to the music through multimedia approaches and by bringing the music to the community. Our goal is not to impose our preferred style of music on anyone, but rather to reveal the human element behind these works of art. Moores Music in the City represents the vision of the Moores School of Music to lead in arts innovation and prepare tomorrow’s artists to engage audiences in effective, innovative, and powerful ways.


May 30, 2020

Where in Houston: Rienzi (1406 Kirby Dirve, Houston, TX 77019)

Program: In Flanders’ Fields: Maurice Ravel’s Piano Trio in A Minor

Maurice Ravel's Trio for Piano, Violin, and Cello has been praised as one of the greatest achievements in the development of the piano trio. With its incredible peaks of triumph and profound lows of despair, the trio contains some of Ravel's most heartfelt writing. Composed at the brink of WWI, this work captures the anxieties of the men and women of Europe as they faced apocalyptic atrocities. Ravel would himself enlist in the French Army as a driver where he saw the horrors of the war with his own eyes.

 Moores Music in the City presents this masterpiece in a new light by combining it with poetry by John McCrae, Wilfred Owen, Edward Thomas, and Katharine Tynan, film and music created by J. E. Hernández, and the Romance and Pastorale for violin and piano by Ralph Vaughan Williams in an exciting multimedia experience. Audiences will get a glimpse into the lives and experiences of the artists who lived during WWI through poetry and film while enjoying new compositions by J. E. Hernández. This concert connects the old with the new with a generous touch of "Moores" along the way!