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Due to current social distancing guidelines, our first round of choral placement auditions for the Fall 2020 semester will take place remotely. As with previous semesters, the audition will consist of two portions: 1.) Vocalise, and 2.) Sight reading. Anyone who would like to sing in one of our auditioned choral ensembles must submit both components. Additional information about our two non-auditioned choirs, University Men's Chorus and University Women's Chorus is also below. 

The April 28 - May 1 auditions are held primarily for students currently participating a UH choir, and music majors are required to audition at this time. Any interested singer, whether current or new, is also welcome to audition at this time as well. If you missed this first round of auditions, don't worry! Dates for auditions after May 1 will be posted here later in the summer. (We hope we won't have to do them remotely.)


Auditioned Choral Ensembles

  • Concert Chorale

    Concert Chorale

    Director: Betsy Weber
    • Meets MWF 1 - 2:20 
    • Is open only to singers who have sung at least one semester in either Soundscape or ManCorps and who have auditioned successfully into Concert Chorale
    • Must register for UH credit; registration through Community Arts Academy (CAA) is not an option.
  • Soundscape (Soprano/Alto Voices)

    Soundscape (Soprano/Alto Voices)

    Director: Jeb Mueller 
    • Meets TTH 2:30 - 3:50
    • Open to all singers who audition successfully
    • Can register for UH credit or through Community Arts Academy (CAA)
  • ManCorps (Tenor/Bass Voices)

    ManCorps (Tenor/Bass Voices)

    Director: Jeb Mueller
    • Meets TTh 11:30 - 12:50 (Mueller)
    • Open to all singers who audition successfully
    • Can register for UH credit or through Community Arts Academy (CAA)

Steps to Audition

Record and Submit Your Vocalise

Individuals will make an .mp3 recording of themselves singing a basic vocalise (warm-up exercise) of their choice. The main purpose of this portion is to demonstrate your range and general vocal qualities.  
  1. Begin the recording and state your name.
  2. Sing an exercise from mid-range to low-range, and state the name of the lowest note you sang.
  3. Sing an exercise from mid-range to high-range,
    and state the name of the highest note you sang.
  4. End the recording.
  • You may not edit your recording in any way.
  • You may play piano accompaniment for yourself, or use the high or low pre-recorded piano accompaniment. Unaccompanied submissions are discouraged.
  • To avoid technical issues, please ensure you are submitting a recording in .mp3 format.

Perform Live Sight Reading Audition

Individuals will use video conferencing technology to perform a sight reading exercise for a choral area faculty member.   
  1. You may sign up for a sight singing audition appointment after August 1, 2020.
  2. Look for an email containing a link to a Zoom meeting from a member of the choral area 1-2 days prior to your audition.
  3. Keep your appointment. Up to six individuals will be invited to the same meeting. You will hold in the "waiting room" until it is your turn to audition, at which time you will be admitted to the meeting.  
  • Please be prepared to wait by your computer in the waiting room for up to 30 minutes to audition.
  • One of several possible sight reading exercises will be digitally delivered to you after you have entered the meeting.
  • You may encounter technical difficulties at any point during this audition process. Breathe -- we will work with you to make the process as painless as possible.

Non-Auditioned Choral Ensembles

Beginning singers, those who cannot read music, those who want very little outside-of-class commitment, and local community members can simply register for UH college credit in the same way you register for all of your other UH classes, or the choirs below through  Community Arts Academy for $50. No audition is necessary. If you plan to register through CAA, or if you have questions about singing in our non-auditioned University Men's Chorus or University Women's Chorus, please email the directors below.

University Women's Chorus (MUSI 1120-03) 
Director: Matthew Hazzard
Meets MW 2:30 - 3:50 
University Men's Chorus (MUSI 1120-01) 
Director: Emily Jenkins
Meets TTh 11:30 - 12:50 
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