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6:00 pm8:00 pm
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts-Convergence Research: Polyoptic Paradox

Polyoptic Paradox is the research initiative formed by graduate students Julia Kidd (MFA Painting) and Alexandra Lechin (MFA IPEF) that celebrates interdisciplinary research, experimentation and improvisation through investing the complex relationship between freedom and responsibility. This three-part performance uses additive and subtractive color theory as well as moiré optical illusions across mediums to convey the struggle to achieve harmony in the face of juxtaposing ideals. Dance theatre, music, sculpture, painting and videography combine to alchemize a new format for storytelling. Project collaborators include Marc Furi (MFA IPEF), Monica Arenas (BFA Dancer), Daniela Romero (BFA Dance) and Paula Carpy (BFA Dance).