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TCCNS Compatible Courses

TCCNS Compatible Arts Courses at University of Houston as of Fall 2021
UH Courses Prior to Fall 21  UH Courses as of Fall 21
ART 1301 Fundamentals of Drawing ARTS 1316 Fundamentals of Drawing TCCNS
ART 1304 Fundamentals of Painting ARTS 2316 Fundamentals of Painting TCCNS
ART 1310 Fundamentals of Printmaking ARTS 2333 Fundamentals of Printmaking TCCNS
ART 1330 Fundamentals of Graphic Design ARTS 1311 Fundamentals of Graphic Design TCCNS
ART 1350 Fundamentals of Ceramics ARTS 2346 Fundamentals of Ceramics TCCNS
ART 1360 Fundamentals of Sculpture ARTS 2326 Fundamentals of Sculpture TCCNS
ART 1371 Fundamentals of Photography/Digital Media ARTS 2356 Fundamentals of Photography/Digital Media TCCNS
ART 1382 Digital Tools ARTS 2348 Digital Tools TCCNS
ART 3300 Intermediate Drawing ARTS 1317 Drawing II TCCNS
ARTS 3300 Advanced Drawing New course
ART 3303 Color, Materials and Methods ARTS 2311 Color, Materials and Methods TCCNS
ART 3306 Watercolor ARTS 2366 Watercolor TCCNS
ART ARTS prefix revision all courses
ARTH 1380 Art and Society: Prehistoric to Gothic ARTS 1303 Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th Century) TCCNS CORE
ARTH 1381 Renaissance to Modern ARTS 1304 Art History II (15th Century to the Present) TCCNS CORE
MUSI 1160 Group Piano I MUSI 1181 Group Piano I TCCNS
MUSI 1161 Group Piano II MUSI 1182 Group Piano II TCCNS
MUSI 1170 Aural Skills I MUSI 1116 Aural Skills I TCCNS
MUSI 1171 Aural Skills II MUSI 1117 Aural Skills II TCCNS
MUSI 1300 Fundamentals of Music MUSI 1303 Fundamentals of Music TCCNS
MUSI 1310 Theory I MUSI 1311 Music Theory I TCCNS
MUSI 1311 Theory II MUSI 1312 Music Theory II TCCNS
MUSI 2101 Vocal Diction MUSI 1160 Italian and English Diction TCCNS
MUSI 2101 Vocal Diction MUSI 2160 German Diction TCCNS
MUSI 2101 Vocal Diction MUSI 2161 French Diction TCCNS
MUSI 2160 Group Piano III MUSI 2181 Group Piano III TCCNS
MUSI 2161 Group Piano IV MUSI 2182 Group Piano IV TCCNS
MUSI 2170 Aural Skills III MUSI 2116 Aural Skills III TCCNS
MUSI 2171 Aural Skills IV MUSI 2117 Aural Skills IV TCCNS
MUSI 3300 Listening to Music Masterworks MUSI 1307 Listening to Classical Music TCCNS CORE
DAN 1201 Beginning Ballet DANC 1241 Beginning Ballet TCCNS
DAN 1210 Jazz I DANC 1247 Jazz I TCCNS
DAN 1211 Modern Dance I Part I DANC 1245 Modern Dance I Part I TCCNS
DAN 1212 Modern Dance I Part II DANC 1246 Modern Dance I Part II n/a*
DAN 2300 Dance Improvisation DANC 1301 Dance Improvisation TCCNS
DAN 2303 Dance Production DANC 1309 Dance Production n/a*
DAN 2307 Introduction to Dance DANC 2303 Introduction to Dance TCCNS CORE
DAN DANC prefix revision all courses
THEA 1329 Voice and Articulation for Non-Majors DRAM 2336 Voice for Theatre TCCNS
THEA 1331 Introduction to Theatre DRAM 1310 Introduction to Theatre TCCNS CORE
THEA 1338 Acting I DRAM 1351 Acting I TCCNS
THEA 1339 Acting II DRAM 1352 Acting II TCCNS
THEA 2223 Makeup for Actors DRAM 1341 Makeup for Actors TCCNS
THEA 2320 Acting III DRAM 2351 Acting III TCCNS
THEA 2335 Scenic Technology DRAM 1330 Scenic Technology TCCNS
THEA 2336 Lighting and Sound Technology DRAM 2331 Lighting and Sound Technology TCCNS
* n/a - Not a TCCNS compatible course