CX700 FAQ - University of Houston
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I am transferring to a new department. What is the procedure for obtaining a new phone number?

Answer: Phone numbers are now assigned to people. Similar to the handling of an email address, you keep the same phone number during your time with UH. When you transfer to a new department, there ought to be a phone for you to sign-in to (CX600) or plug-in to (CX300) your computer. Department phone numbers stay with the department. If you are currently signed-in to a CX600 phone, sign-out before you move to your new department. If you are transferring within the College of Business, unplug your phone and plug it back in when you arrive at your new location.

After listening to a voice mail message on my phone, how can I forward that message to a co-worker?

Answer: While the message is playing or when it ends, say “Forward to [first name, last name]”, then hang up or wait for more options.

How do I transfer a call to a voice mailbox?

Answer: If you are transferring a call to voicemail it will be before you answer the call. Once you are in a call you can transfer to a person’s number not to their voicemail.

How is Skype for Business (SFB) different from my existing phone service?

Answer: The unified communications system provided by Skype for Business (SFB) utilizes the Internet as the transmission medium via an infrastructure of hardware, software and high-speed fiber optic cabling. The prior system was a voice-only Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telecommunications system that utilized a copper cabling infrastructure.

What are the main differences between each of the available desk phones?

Answer:  Please see our comprehensive Phone Matrix for a comparison of phones.


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