Fax Server FAQ: University of Houston - University of Houston
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Fax Server FAQ

  1. What is a Fax Server?
  2. Do I need fax/modem card to use the Fax Server service?
  3. What are Exchange and Outlook?
  4. How can I order Fax Server service?
  5. Can I use Fax Server with e-mail?
  6. Do I need any Fax Server software installed?
  7. I am having trouble viewing faxes using Outlook.
  8. How can I send faxes using Outlook/Exchange?
  9. How can I send file attachments with the Fax Server?
  10. Can I use custom cover pages with my faxes?
  11. What information is included on the default Exchange cover page?
  12. What should be considered when specifying fax numbers?
  13. How does the Fax Server transmit outbound faxes?
  14. What is the format of incoming faxes and how can I reply/forward them?
  15. What should I do if I cannot fix a problem?
  16. What kind of notifications does the Fax Server give?
  17. How can I send long distance faxes?
  18. What is the user policy on the Fax Server?
  19. Can I use an existing fax number on a new fax server account? I don't want to change numbers.