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Technology Support for Student Housing & Residential Life

In order to direct your request to the correct service center, please read the descriptions below and select the appropriate link.

Philo Edu
Philo Edu is a next generation IPTV platform that lets viewers watch content on their favorite devices like your TV, PC, tablet or smartphone and record them online. Follow this link to learn more about this service and to report a problem.

Residential Life IT Support Ticket
I have technical issues (computer, wireless, software, email, etc.).

Do you want improved cell coverage in the residence halls?
UIT would like to remind you that you can get better cell coverage on campus if you enable cellular calling over Wi-Fi.  All major carriers like Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile offer cellular calling over Wi-Fi. This improves the cellular call quality of your devices when in buildings. Radio frequencies cannot always penetrate manmade objects or in areas where there is no cellular coverage. Learn more >>