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Bonner Leaders Program

About Bonner Leaders

The Bonner Leaders Program in the Honors College at the University of Houston is one of more than 80 programs nationwide offering developmental and educationally meaningful service opportunities for students. The program is structured in a way for community members, faculty, and students to work together to respond to the economic, social, and cultural challenges affecting the quality of life in the city of Houston and the state of Texas, through education, research, and service.

The Bonner Leaders are top academic performers, and learn by participating in the community. Through their service work, they learn leadership, teamwork, project planning, and time management. Bonner Leaders are also exposed to how academic, civic, and budgetary processes work, by writing grants, giving presentations, assessing results, and working toward efficiencies. Their successes bring skills and knowledge that last a lifetime. 

Bonners also get an intellectual foundation that supports the reasons why meaningful service is needed by taking an Introduction to Civic Engagement course in their freshman year. This course explores the causes of social and economic instabilities and encourages Bonners to develop proposals for programs that contribute to solutions. 

Mission Statement

The UH Bonner Leaders Program seeks to create a high quality educational experience for its students while simultaneously working to build a better Houston community, and to alleviate factors contributing to poverty. We believe that working with and through partners not only contributes to the community, but also enriches and enhances the student learning experience.