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You've found the best spot for learning more about what UH Bonner students are learning and working on, where they end up after graduation, and their thoughts about navigating college, community engagement, and career. Here, you can also hear from our community partners about their work in serving Houstonians.

Welcome, and Bonner Love.

Group posing at Bread of Life, Inc.

Resuming an Old Tradition: Bonner Spring Break

The last time we had an in-person Bonner Spring Break was in March of 2020, when we were unkowingly at the precipice of the COVID-19 pandemic. The delay of regular activities and the halt to normal life that has pained everyone for now two years made this year’s spring break plans all the more exciting. Though we elected not to travel to mitigate COVID risk, we planned a packed two days in Houston, and we enjoyed every second. 

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student unpacking food at pantry

From the Food Insecurity Team Blog: COVID-19: How the Pre-Existing American Health Crisis Became Our Achilles Heel

This post from Bonner's Food Insecurity Team blog briefly discusses the relationship between food insecurity and health disparities. By connecting this relationship to the severity of illness of COVID-19 at-risk individuals may face, this unique perspective invites a new discussion on how Americans were ill-equipped to face the pandemic and what we can do to prepare ourselves for the next.

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Students showing Bonner Love sign at Hoffheinz Pavilion

The Power of Gratitude - Bonner Appreciation Day


Bonner at UH is chalk full of traditions and Bonner Love. On February 14, we celebrated one of our favorites, Bonner Appreciation Day. Junior Nikki Hammond writes about the power of gratitude and appreciation, and the close-knit community she found in Bonner.

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Bonner Zoom meeting

How do you move a service-learning program online?


2020 was not what we expected. Here in Bonner, we were confronted with the maddening paradox that while need in our community skyrockets, we find ourselves limited in our ability to respond. Even still, our Bonner students remained committed to their community, their education, and to each other. Learn more about how our students adapted their service due to COVID, and how we continued to learn about poverty in Houston, effective service, and leadership.

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Bonner Graduation Hat

Congrats Fall 2020 Graduates!


Today we celebrate an incredible and resilient group of Bonner graduates. Read on to learn more about this class's undergraduate journey and the accomplishments of our three December graduates, Austin, Jane, and Crystal.

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Day of Service House Work

The Importance of Giving


By Shailee Modi

"As the year winds down and the days become filled with twinkling lights and candy canes, it can be easy to get caught up in holiday celebrations with friends and family. After a semester of virtual schooling in the midst of a global pandemic, it can be even easier to breathe a sigh of relief and binge a few seasons of a Netflix series while munching on the wall of a gingerbread house."

Today Shailee shares the importance of giving and continuing to serve our community during the holidays.

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