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The panel study planning team involves a mix of local and national experts, each person having specific knowledge (substantive and technical) of the various challenges in the construction of a valid panel survey.  Jim Granato is coordinating the planning process and team. Click on each participant's name for more information.

Christopher H. Achen  
Princeton University, Department of Politics 

John J. Antel 
University of Houston, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences  

Paul P. Biemer
RTI International  

André Blais
Université de Montréal, Département de science Poltique  

Norman M. Bradburn
National Opinion Research Center  

Karen Callaghan
Texas Southern University, Political Science Department  

Michael O. Emerson
Rice University, Department of Sociology  

Karl Eschbach

David J. Francis
University of Houston, Department of Psychology  

Dashiel J. Geyen
Texas Southern University, Department of Psychology  

Jim Granato
University of Houston, Hobby Center for Public Policy  

Guillermina Jasso 
New York University, Department of Sociology  

Mark P. Jones
Rice University, Department of Political Science  

Stephen L. Klineberg 
Rice University, Department of Sociology  

Rebecca E. Lee
University of Houston, Health and Human Performance  

Richard W. Murray 
University of Houston. Department of Political Science  

Colm O'Muircheartaigh 
University of Chicago, The Harris School  

Frank P. Scioli   

Joan E. Sieber