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Faculty and Staff: Past Fulbright Scholars and Specialists

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Year Scholar Discipline Campus Host
Host Country
2019-20 Tenbrink, Candace Business UHD University of Gdansk Poland
2019 Turchi, Laura Education UH Univesity of Jordan Poland
2018-19 Kleinkort, Kelly Public Administration UH Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange France
2012-13 Weaver, Jacqueline Law UH KIMEP Kazakhstan
2011-12 Ayadi, Mary Economics UHCL Covenant University Nigeria
2011-12 Lee, Rebecca Psychology UH University of Guadalajara Mexico
2011 Hoffman, Peter American Literature UH West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences India
2009-10 Lash, Jeffrey Geography UHCL University of Belgrade Serbia
2009-10 McMullen, John Sociology UHCL American University in Cairo Egypt
2008-09 Cong, Xiaoping History (non-U.S.) UH Shaanxi Normal University China
2008-09 Ramamoorthy, Nagarajan Business Administration UHV Univ of National and World Economics Bulgaria
2008-09 Schiff, Frederick Sociology UH Federal University of Bahia Brazil
2008-09 Valenti, Marian Business Administration UHCL National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan
2007-08 Lange, Barbara Music UH Eotvos Lorand University Hungary
2007 White, Ken Environmental Science UH Borj-Cedria Science and Technology Park Tunisia
2006-07 Creighton, Jane American Literature UHD Jagiellonian University Poland
2006-07 Nimmer, Raymond Law UH Portuguese Catholic University Portugal
2006-07 Pate, Wayne TEFL/Applied Linguistics UH Khakasskii State University Russia
2006-07 Pavletich, JoAnn American Literature UHD University of Antananarivo Madagascar
2006 Hoffman, Peter American Literature UH Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2005-06 Golemon, Patricia American Literature UHD Providence University Taiwan
2005-06 McNamara, Kevin American History UHCL Ege University Turkey
2005-06 Pavletich, JoAnn American Literature UHD University of Antananarivo Madagascar
2004-05 Lindahl, Carl American Studies UH University of Edinburgh UK
2004-05 Penn, Everette American Studies UHCL Cairo University Egypt
2003-04 Crowder, Jerome Anthropology UH National University of the Altiplano Peru
2003-04 Davidson, Robin American Literature UHD Jagiellonian University Poland
2003-04 Jacobs, David Art History UH National Taiwan University Taiwan
2003-04 Mikics, David American Literature UH University of Leipzig Germany
2002-03 Hu, Sandria Art UHCL Veracruzana University Mexico
2002-03 Turner, Elizabeth American History UHD University of Genoa Italy
2002 Salvo, Deborah Business Administration UH Comenius University Slovak Republic
2001-02 Chau, Chak-Tong Business Administration UHD Univ of Internat Business and Econ China
2001-02 Rasmussen, Susan Anthropology UH l'Institute des Recherches Humaines Niger
2001-02 Schultz, Wendy Political Science UHCL Turku School of Econ and Business Admin Finland
2000-01 Hawes, William Communications UH National Chengchi University Taiwan
2000-01 Melosi, Martin American History UH University of Southern Denmark Denmark
1999-00 Cooley, Marianne TEFL/Applied Linguistics UH University of Silesia Poland
1999-00 Dole, Richard Law UH Tsinghua University China
1999-00 Gaines, Sanford Law UH Aarhus University Denmark
1999-00 Heller, Miriam Engineering UH University of Aix-Marseille III France
1999-00 White, Louis Business Administration UHCL National Sun Yat-Sen University Taiwan
1998-99 Johnson, Curtis Engineering UH Western University Azerbaijan
1998-99 Rabinovitch, Ramon Business Administration UH University of Belgrano Argentina
1998-99 Wolinsky, Ira Medical Sciences UH Harokopio University Greece