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Special Events and Tailgating

The UHFMO also helps to promote and ensure safety during special events that occur on campus. Several requirements are in place that pertain to special events. 


 Grills / Fryers / Warmers / Smokers

  • Grills / Smokers can be propane, charcoal or wood fired.
  • 3A40BC extinguisher is required when cooking is being done. If using grease or oil a K type is also required.
  • No grills are to be used under tents or canopies and must be located at least 5 ft from tents and 10 ft from a structure.
  • Commercial fryers cannot be used under tents. A non-combustible flooring must be used under fryers. The fryer must be equipped with quick release covers activated by a fusible link to drop the covers.
  • Warming vessels are allowed if sternos or electricity are the fuel that supplies the heat.
  • A maximum of 3 sternos are allowed in hot boxes to keep food warm. Sternos may only be used in hot boxes designed for sterno use. 


  • Generators may be gasoline or diesel-fueled, and all must be grounded with a grounding rod or stake.
  • No excessive amperage draws or daisy chains of receptacles are permitted. Heavy-duty outdoor extension cords are required.
  • Additional fuel must be kept a minimum of 10 feet from the site of the generator. 
  • No refueling is permitted while generator is running.


  • Tents over 10 ft x 10 ft require a permit through the Fire Marshal’s Office.
  • Tents are to be at least 10ft apart if not used together (stake to stake or barrel to barrel).
  • All tents must be secured using one of the following methods:
    • Filled water barrels or buckets
    • Stakes driven into ground (after utilities are verified)
    • Tie-offs to a vehicle or other stationary object
    • Weights or sand bags

Please see the tent policy (PDF) for further guidance. 

For information regarding serving food, please see Food Safety.