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Permit Information

The UH Fire Marshal's Office requires permits for various activities on campus. See below for a description of each permit type. If you need a permit for a project or event, please use the form below to request a permit.

 If your request is within 24 hours, please come in person between 8AM and 12 noon or 1PM and 4PM Monday-Friday except for University holidays.

View our office location.

Temporary food dealers permits.

 If you are unsure if you need a permit, or have questions regarding which permit(s) could be needed, contact us


Special Event Permit Requests


Tent: Tent permits are required for use of any tent or canopy greater than 10x10 in size. Please review the UHFMO tent policy before requesting this permit. The policy can be found here.

Open Flame: This permit is required for all operations that involve any open flame. this includes cooking with open flames.

Pyrotechnic: This permit is required for use of any pyrotechnics and special 

Construction Permit Request


Building Permit: Required for any renovations to existing buildings or building a new structure.

Cutting, Welding, Dust: Required for any projects that could produce dust, particles, smoke, or heat. (example would be soldering of plumbing, or cutting drywall to install an outlet etc)

Fire Alarm Installation: Required for installation of or changes being made to a fire alarm system.

Fire Suppression System Installation: Required for installation of or changes being made to a fire suppression system.

Fire Protection Shut Down: Required for the shut down of fire alarm or fire protection system components.