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Tuition and Fees Exemptions and Waiver Information

The University of Houston extends to students any waivers and exemptions for which they qualify. The university reserves the right to evaluate each individual waiver and exemption for compliance with existing regulations and will base any decision on the merit of such review.

Effective fall 2014, all Texas public institutions of higher education will be required to comply with new legislation passed by the Texas Legislature. Section 54.2001. Continued Receipt of Exemptions or Waivers has been added to the Texas Education Code. In order to continue receiving certain waivers and exemptions, graduate and undergraduate students must now meet the University's grade point average requirement for making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree or certificate, in accordance with the institution's policy regarding eligibility for financial aid. In addition, hours considered excessive under Texas Education Code, Section 54.014 Tuition for Repeated or Excessive Hours, may not be eligible for exemption.

If your waiver has been denied for failure to meet SAP requirements and you wish to have your case reviewed, please visit the following links for our Appeal Process and Appeal Form.

Waiver Request Deadlines

All students seeking waivers must submit any applications accompanied by supporting documentation no later than the Official Census Date of the semester/term in which they are currently enrolled. This is generally the 12th class day of a regular semester/term and the 4th class day of a shorter term/session. Waivers will not be granted for prior semesters/terms.

The following represent the most common waivers available to students as fully described in chapter 54 of the Texas Education Code:

54.364 Blind and Deaf Students
54.301 Highest Ranking High School Graduates
54.365 Senior Citizens
54.351 Children of Disabled Firefighters and Peace Officers
54.343 Children of Prisoners of War or Persons Missing In Action
54.341 Hazlewood
54.212 Employee Waiver
54.213 Competitive Waiver