Syllabus Insert FAQs

How do I fill out the emergency exit section appropriately?

The faculty member can use simple directions, for example: "Leave class, turn right and continue down the hall to the stairwell door."

What are the meeting areas, and where should they be?

Meeting areas should be away from the street, fire hydrants, building fire department connections, and building entrances.

Where could a Primary Meeting Area (Near) be located?

These can be in front of or around the building away from any doors.

Where could a Secondary Meeting Area (Far) be located?

These can be across the street or at an adjacent, unattached building.

If I have more questions about evacuations or fire preparedness, who should I contact?

The University of Houston Fire Marshal, Chris McDonald, at cjmcdona@Central.UH.EDU

If I have a question about what do in the event of an Active Shooter, who should I contact?

Sergeant Dina Padovan with the University of Houston Police Department at  

If I have questions about Shelter-in-Place, UH ALERT or other general items on the syllabus insert, who should I contact?

The Director of Emergency Management, Ginger Walker, at