The Daily Cougar Essay Contest Highlights Festivities for UH Constitution Day Week of Observance - University of Houston
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July 21, 2022

The Daily Cougar is hosting an essay contest: Pick any constitutional amendment, and in 400 words or less, tell us what it means to you and how it made the United States a better place. Essays will be judged by The Daily Cougar Editorial Board. The winning essay will be published in the Daily Cougar in print and online. The author also will win a prize, a selection of patriotic films, and a $50 bookstore gift card, courtesy of the Center for Student Involvement! Submit entries online by 5 p.m. Sept. 24 to be eligible.

In late 2004, Senator Byrd passed legislation requiring that all schools, colleges, and Federal agencies receiving Federal funds offer annual educational programming involving the Constitution of the United States on Constitution Day, Sept. 17.

Constitution Day is observed by spotlighting historic events, influential people, and the document itself. The week of observance at the University of Houston will begin Monday, September 24, and continue through Friday, September 28. The purpose of this week is to encourage the UH community to continue learning and appreciating this living document which, despite its birth over 200 years ago, still plays an integral role in our everyday lives.