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CreationStation is a unique multi-service center on campus offering a full complement of services involving computer graphics and much more!

The students and staff at CreationStation make up a small family mosaic that is proficient, collaborative and diverse. The crew at our facility have backgrounds that stretch from around the globe. As a team, we work in an extremely fun, positive and inspiring environment that keeps creativity flowing.

CreationStation has developed and changed with the times from a hands-on art shop into a Graphic Design studio aimed towards a wide range of styles with a contemporary feel. We spend our time creating and designing dynamic ideas, but also provide a variety of services including printing, dry mounting, laminating, buttons, balloons, faxing, and passport pictures. At CreationStation, we aim to have our clients leave feeling enthusiastic, satisfied, and ready to come back, Good design, service, and quality are essential to experience "creativity at work."

Meet the Team



  • Design
    By paying attention to detail and craft, we provide excellence in creativity.

  • T-Shirts
    Bulk order T-shirts or create customized one-of-a-kind apparel.

  • Printing
    Whether it's a flyer, poster, or banner, our color printers are here to suit your needs.

  • Fax
    Let us send and receive your faxes. Don't have a cover sheet? No problem.

  • Buttons
    Our buttons are made of alloy and coated with a layer of clear laminate for protection.

  • Drymount & Lamination
    Bring your professional or personal work to be dry mounted or laminated.

  • Balloons
    From archways to balloon drops, there's no limit to our creativity.

  • Passport Photos
    We'll provide you with two photographs in the standard 2x2 format in about 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Pricing

Services Student Department Public
Laser Printing (Per Side)
8.5" x 11" Text (Smooth/Glossy) in B/W $0.58 $0.67 $0.77
8.5" x 11" Text (Smooth/Glossy) in Color $0.69 $0.81 $0.86
8.5" x 11" Cardstock $0.98 $1.09 $1.21
8.5" x 11" Resume Paper $0.98 $1.09 $1.21
11" x 17" Text (Smooth/Glossy) $1.27 $1.44 $1.55
11" x 17" Cardstock (Smooth/Glossy) $1.78 $2.01 $2.24
Yard Signs
18" x 24" Single Sided $11.50 $13.80 $16.10
18" x 24" Double Sided $14.95 $17.25 $19.55
H-Wire Stakes $1.75 $1.75 $1.75
Passport/OPT Photo (2 copies) $10.00 $11.50 $12.50
Fax/Scan $1.00 $1.00 $1.00


ACUI Steal This Idea 2021 Recognitions

  • First - Miscellaneous
    A.D. Bruce Bookmarks
    Bereniz Velazquez
  • First - Multi-Page Publications
    UH Student Centers Art Walk Booklet
    Julian Cearley
  • Second - Cards/Invitations
    CLASS Peace, Love, Joy Holiday Card
    Ashley Villalta
  • Second - Multi-Page Publications
    HPC 2020 Lookbook
    Thao Nguyen
  • Third - Calendars/Schedules
    CDI Spring 2020 Workshop
    Ashley Villalta
  • Third - Cards/Invitations
    UH Nursing Alumni Association Holiday Card
    Christie Le
  • Third - Digital Campaigns
    UH Homecoming 2020
    Thao Nguyen
  • Third - Posters
    CDI Dance Fusion
    Thao Nguyen
  • Third - Posters
    SPB Joker Movie
    Kimberly Wong
  • Honorable Mention - Signs/Banners
    SPB Explore the Powerhouse
    Ashley Villalta

Contact Information

  • Phone/Fax
    (P) 832.842.6200
    (F) 713.743.5253

  • Address
    University of Houston
    4455 University Drive
    Student Center South, B17
    Houston, TX 77204

  • Email