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7 Tips for Managing the Classroom or Workplace During Challenging Times

  1. Encourage your team to take the time for self-care mindfully. Interacting with your employees or students in a compassionate and understanding way will reduce their stress response and prevent increased anxiety.
  2. Stay connected. Ask your team members/students “How are you?” and listen. Don't be afraid to set a positive example by sharing your personal reactions.
  3. Have compassion; understand every person is unique. We all have our own life experiences. Have compassion for others and expect that people will be affected and react differently to traumatic events. Be sensitive to those differences.
  4. Encourage our community members to take advantage of the free and confidential resources available to them. If you are concerned about a member of our community or are uncertain or uncomfortable at any point, please consult CAPS at 713-743-5454.
  5. Follow the advice you gave employees, colleagues or students. Take a few deep breaths regularly to reduce the effect of stress on your body and mind. Choose healthy and positive ways to manage your own stress response.
  6. Accommodations: If an employee is requesting a workplace accommodation, it can be evaluated through Equal Opportunity Services. (academic accommodations are evaluated through Justin Dart Jr. Student Accessibility Center).
  7. Self-Care: Remember, you cannot help support others unless you are taking care of yourself.

Need Support Now?

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call CAPS crisis support 24/7 at 713-743-5454, or for the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline call or text 988, or chat online at