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Know the Behaviors of a Person Who May Be Struggling

  • Marked changes in performance
  • Poor attendance at work or class
  • Changes in emotional states (sadness; crying; lethargy; irritability; rapid speech; preoccupation; increased and more intense disagreement with peers, instructor or manager; a sense of confusion)
  • Changes in physical well-being (swollen eyes from crying, increased illness, poor self-hygiene, rapid weight loss/gain)
  • Repeated requests for special considerations for work duties/class assignments
  • Behaviors that may interfere with the workplace or classroom (outbursts of anger, domination of discussion)

Need Support Now?

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call CAPS crisis support 24/7 at 713-743-5454, or for the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline call or text 988, or chat online at