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Lucy Girgawy (MA)


Position: Project Coordinator

Employer: Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce

Current City: Houston, TX

Please tell us about your jo.

As Project Coordinator, one of my main responsibilities is to ensure that all logistical & operational aspects of our annual business programs/events are implemented successfully. This entails securing sufficient sponsorship/funds for relevant programs; creating event announcements that market to our membership base, and managing overall items that relate to general event-planning. My second main task includes membership development: Managing a database of 1,000 + members and approximately 36,000 newsletter subscribers; processing membership proposals and renewal notices, and resolving membership issues, as needed.

What motivated you to obtain an M.A. in political science?

As an undergrad, I double majored in Political Science & International Business. One of the main reasons I wanted to pursue a Political Science degree was my high school government teacher. He inspired me to seek and understand life's important questions of justice, truth, virtue, etc. I enjoy the philosophy/political theory part of Political science, as it really digs into the very nature of who we are- our motives, desires, needs, etc. 

What are the links between your political science studies and your career?

A political science degree gave me the background necessary to work and be confident in an international setting. As an international Chamber of Commerce, it's imperative that we have relevant/timely information on current, global affairs, in order to provide the best services and offer solutions to our international network of members, partners and stakeholders.

Do you have any advice for students who aspire to hold a job like yours?

Nothing trumps experience and honing one's skill set. Regardless of the areas of study and career interests, my advice to students would be to get their feet wet in anything remotely close to what they want to do. Volunteering and internships are the best way to better understand one's own strengthens and weakness. Patience, perseverance and a willingness to keep learning, are qualities that go a long way in securing one's career and bright future.