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Emerging Trends Conversations about teaching and learning in a networked world

A partnership of the Office of the Provost and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

02.08// Alternative Textbook Incentive Program: Faculty Insights


Location: Agnes Arnold Hall, Room 210
Presenters: Ariana Santiago, Agnes DeFranco, Arlene Ramirez, Nathan Shepley

The cost of textbooks is a significant burden to the success of many UH students. The Alternative Textbook Incentive Program (ATIP) offers incentives for instructors to replace traditional textbooks with open or alternative textbooks in their courses. This presentation will share ATIP application information and insights from faculty who participated in the 2018-19 ATIP cohort.

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03.29// Limited hearing, limited vision: help students succeed in your class


Location: Agnes Arnold Hall, Room 210
Presenters: Dr. Sammy Hwang, Jingyuan Fu, Fang Fang, and Anjana Singhal

In this interactive presentation, we will "see" and "hear" specific challenges faced by students with limited vision or limited hearing. The instructional design team from CLASS will demonstrate strategies faculty can use to help them succeed. We will explore the theoretical framework, simulations, guidelines, practical cheatsheets, and best practices. You will leave with a solid foundation on how to create a more accessible learning environment for all users.

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05.03// Data visualization project-Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey


Location: Agnes Arnold Hall, Room 210
Presenters: Dr. Debbie Harwell, Dr. Todd Romero and Dr. Sammy Hwang

This presentation will introduce a storytelling platform called Story Map by ArcGIS. It is one of the free and open source tools available to UH through ArcGIS, a well-known story mapping application. Dr. Debbie Harwell will talk about her class project, “Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey,” an ongoing project of the Center for Public History. Harwell’s “Voices from the Storm” Honors College students conducted oral histories about Harvey experiences and used the ArcGIS storytelling tool to report their findings. She will also introduce a second mapping project in the beginning stages. You will leave with at least one interesting idea to engage students through project-based learning along with one free tool.

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