Professor of Spanish Makes Donation to Establish Literary Award

The UH Department of Hispanic Studies has established the Literary Award ESCRITURA REVUELTA thanks to a donation made by Dr. Pedro Gutiérrez, professor of Spanish, in honor of his mother, Luisina Revuelta. One prize of $2,000 will be awarded every year for a total of five years. The award is open to all writers who are enrolled in a Spanish graduate program at any college or university in the United States

The main goal of this award is to celebrate the enormous presence of literature written in Spanish in the United States, stressing the fact that Spanish is not (and has never been) a foreign language. At the same time, the award privileges modes of expression that are less attended to by major publishing houses and even academia. The award is and shall remain overtly political, amplifying oppressed and underprivileged voices, allowing for the discussion of important and contested topics, and refusing to conceal uncomfortable tensions for the sake of the status quo

The goal of the 2019 award is to promote literature as a form to expose LGBTQ discourses, identities and subjectivities as ones that have been under attack by the heteronormative societies. The theme of the 2019 award is “LGBTQ, Subjects, Discourses and Subjectivities,” in the genres of poetry, narrative, and drama written in Spanish. The application for the award is available in English and Spanish.